Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Email Marketing Best Practices

If you are thinking about marketing via email for the first time, or if perhaps you need a refresher on best practice for email marketing, here are my top tips for creating email marketing campaigns that work:

  1. Do cover yourself for unsubscribes and data protection - make sure you have a clear and easy to use policy, and most importantly process any requests straight away.
  2. Get your message across quickly and in a non-spammy but compelling way - that's the real art to email marketing. You want people to open the email, read the key message and then go and do something - preferably order or request more info, or get a free sample perhaps.
  3. Short and sweet, but informative subject line - helps get that message across before they open the email.
  4. Put your main message in the first line and then repeat the message using different wording before your sign-off - and repeat the same links too. Some people click straight away or get bored with long stretches of text, so don't allow them to get bored and close your email. Get them clicking instead.
  5. Make it personal without being cheesy - talk to your customers like they're humans not idiots or computer manuals. Also treat them with respect and make the email personal - it should come from a real named person and they should be encouraged to email you back with queries. 
  6. Less is more - an email is not supposed to be a catalogue or all-encompassing brochure. Get your message across simply and clearly so that your target audience take the appropriate action. 
  7. Don't worry about fancy images too much, but do make sure your email looks formal enough to not be rejected as spam. Company logos and professional clean design will add to your email.
  8. What ever you do don't make your email into a single image - this straight away looks spammy and also will lose you a lot of read email as often email software asks users if they want to download an image first. Who is going to download an image without being able to read the text? Well only a nosey marketer like me, or a moron, that's who!
I hope you find these tips useful. Hopefully you will have understand my clear message and taken the appropriate action!

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