Thursday, 26 August 2010

Make the Most of Google News Search RSS to Get Ideas for Blog Posts

With Google's new search engine getting more appropriate search results is even easier, and you can also easily choose what type of content you want to view. So rather than doing a general search for the topic you want to blog about, now you can actually choose different medium, whether they be News, Videos, Books, Blogs, Images etc.

Particularly good for blogging ideas are the News and Blogs categories. I slightly prefer News as this really gives you the most up-to-date developments in your subject area. What is more you can also generate an RSS feed from your specified News search, which means you can keep up to date easily with the latest stories and then turn these into ideas for blog posts.

Here's how you can generate News search results and turn them into an RSS Feed:

1. Do your search in Google - get as specific as possible if you can - you might want to set-up a number of RSS feeds to get better coverage.

2. Specify the Medium, in this case News websites.

3. Right click the RSS link and copy the link address

4. Copy it into your chosen RSS Reader and Hey Presto you can get the latest news for your topic area updated right in your RSS Reader

If you choose Blogs you can only get an email alert at the moment - not sure why, but probably worth seeing what the blogosphere are saying about Paperclips as well!

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