Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Using Twitter Trending Topics to Drive Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes it can seem you just don't have anything to write a blog post about, but there are lots of ways to get ideas and one of these is to see what's popular at the moment on social media sites. The concept is pretty simple really and is all about ridding buzz and connecting it to whatever your blog or company is about.

So for instance if you have a blog about movies look at the movies that are trending on Twitter. If you have a B2B product such as insurance see if there are trending topic related to crime or weather warnings. A bit cynical. but if you pitch it right you can get some good traffic and actually be informative to potential prospects too.

So how do you see what's trending in Twitter? Well it's very easy. Just pick a region that you want to target - could be global, country or even a city and see what people are tweeting about - see to the right for today's trending topics in the UK.

As you can see as well as the usual celeb gossip, there are topics such as GCSE Results or the BBC Micro that may well be relevant to your business.

You won't always get good inspiration from these, but it's worth checking regularly to see what's hot and make the most of it.

Right off to right a blog post now about Sean Connery use of paperclips to improve his GCSE results!

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